unique: golf ball pocket watch, FHF 3 mechanism, 1935 manufacturing, engraving Dai Rees (famous British golfer). Museum piece !


This Dunlop England pocket watch, shaped like a golf ball, is equipped with an FHF 3 mechanism with 17 rubles and peripheral secondary, manufactured in 1935. The watch has a diameter of 37 mm and a total thickness of 19 mm, and the mechanism has a diameter of 29.33 mm. The bimetallic balancer, equipped with compensation screws and spiral Breguet, performs 18,000 alternations per hour. The golf ball-shaped casing is engraved on both sides with figure 3 and Dunlop, England. All three covers are in perfect condition. The cap that covers the dial is stamped inside the Swiss patent number, 107244, Reg. no. 703616 and „metalargents”. The first lid of the mechanism is stamped inside the 65702 series and on the outside an inscription engraved in 1936. The dial, with Arabic numerals and thermally blue indicators, is in perfect condition. But what makes this watch truly special is the inscription engraved on the back: „Surrey Championship, Addington Golf Club, course record-score 68, D.J. Rees, 27.10.1936”. This watch is a true museum piece, according to the inscription it was received as a prize, or was given by someone close to David James Rees (or Dai Rees, as he is commonly called), a famous British golfer.


David James Rees (March 31, 1913 – November 15, 1983) was one of Britain’s greatest golfers. Winner of numerous prestigious tournaments in England, Europe and around the world, Rees has remained the captain of the British team at the 1957 Ryder Cup when he defeated the United States at Lindrick Golf Club in Yorkshire. It was the only defeat the United States suffered in this competition, between 1933 and 1985! Dai Rees, as he was usually called, was born in Fontegary, near Glamorgan Valley (Wales). He grew up around the bay, both parents being employed at The Leys Golf Club. He moves to Aberdare, where his father takes over as head of the local club. Rees began his professional career at the age of 16 as an assistant to his father. He moved to the Whitchurch Golf Club near Cardiff, then to the Surbiton Golf Club, where he remained until he took over as head of the South Herts Golf Club in 1946, a position he remained until 1983. He won numerous tournaments throughout. World – four times News of The World Match Plays, two British Masters, the Irish, Belgian and Swiss openings, as well as the South African PGA Championship. Often, in large tournaments, he beat players who were half his age (source: Dai Rees, „Golf. My way,” William Heinemann Publishing, 1951). With an extraordinary win-loss record, he played in nine Ryder Cup competitions, leading the team in five of them. Following the 1957 triumph, Dai Rees won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, perhaps England’s best-known sports award. He was made commander of the order of the British Empire in 1958. Today, the objects that belonged to him are highly sought after by collectors.


The watch comes from the personal collection and is in very good condition, both aesthetically and technically. It works perfectly even today, more than 80 years after its manufacture. The complete overhaul was done in 2017 (completely unfolded, mechanically cleaned and ultrasonic, greased, assembled back). It is delivered as in pictures, and the transport falls to the buyer.


Caution: Keep away from clocks or strong mechanical shocks. Although it has a solid housing it is still just a watch! Keep away from water and humid, acidic atmospheres. Even though it has sealing gaskets, they weaken slightly over time. Avoid approaching intense (electro) magnetic fields. The rocker spiral is sensitive, and may remain with a weak magnetism that disturbs its operation. Periodically, at 3-4-5 years, it is good to do a new revision to the watchmaker. Even the best oil degrades during long mechanical operation.


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