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unique: Komandirskie Amfibia Hannover 96 watch, automatic 2416 B with 31 rubies, engraved by the famous footballer Robert Enke. Museum piece !

01 ceas Komandirskie Amfibia Hannover 96 automatic, mecanism 2416 B

This Komandirskie Amfibia Hannover 96 watch, a 200-meter diver (back cover marker), is a hybrid between two highly regarded models of the Tschistopol manufacturer, the Komandirskie and Amphibia models. It is equipped with a 2416 B mechanism with 31 rubies, central secondary and calendar and made in 1996, a special limited edition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Hannover 96 football club. The clock has a diameter of 43 mm, the total thickness 15 mm and the distance between the 18 mm grooves and the mechanism is 24 mm in diameter and 5.5 mm in height. The Soviet-style Aera anti-shock derailleur delivers 19,800 alternations per hour, and the engine arc provides a fully charged 40-hour reserve. This mechanism has an interesting feature: the reinforcement is made by means of two additional wheels (photo 6, yellow and red arrows) fixed by a sort of micro-regulator, actually two elastic blades attached at one end to the wheel deck (photo 6, blue arrow ). The massive, bi-directional housing is chrome-plated. The reamer is adjustable to protect against water. The back cover, with the original seal, is on the thread, engraved with the “Amphibia” in Cyrillic letters. The white dial is dominated by the German football team’s logo in Budesliga, Hannover 96. But what makes this really special clock is the inscription engraved on the back: “Unserem Freund Robert Enke, August 24, 2006, Geburtstag und 110 Jahre Hannover 96 “. Free translation: “Our friend Robert Enke, August 24, 2006, his anniversary and 110 years since the foundation of Hannover 96″.


This watch is a true piece of the museum, according to the inscription he belonged to, or was given, to Robert Enke, one of the most titrated German football players. He played for Benfica Lisbon and FC Barcelona, but the most beautiful part of his career took place in his soul team, Hannover 96.


Enke was born on 27 August 1977 at Jena. He began to play small football, initially as a forward but then made the switch to the goalkeeper, post in which he showed a clear talent. He joined Carl Zeiss Jena in 1985, club with which he signed his first professional contract at only 17 years. Coincidence or ba, his professional debut took place on November 11, 1995 against… Hannover 96. His move then passed to Borussia Moenchengladbach, where he was given the chance to defend after the injury of goalkeeper Uwe Kamps. In 1999 he went to Benfica in Lisbon, where his performances earned the admiration of fans. After the Portuguese period, Enke accepts FC Barcelona’s offer in 2002. This was the most difficult period of his career, but in 2004 he returned to the Bundesliga in Hannover 96 as the title keeper, even being a team captain. Overall, Robert Enke played 180 times for Hannover 96. He was very fond of both his colleagues from the various clubs where he played, as well as supporters. On November 10, 2009, goalkeeper Hannover 96, one of Germany’s best footballers, Robert Enke, committed suicide in front of an express train in Eilvese, Neustadt am Rübenberge. His wife, Teresa Reim, revealed that Robert suffered from depression. After the death of their daughter, Lara, in 2006, Robert Enke struggles to cope with the loss every day. After his death, tens of thousands of fans went to the stadium to lay flowers and light candles. The club where he played before, FC Barcelona, held a moment of silence before the match that evening and in a few international matches. As a token of respect, Germany’s national team canceled the match with Chile. His funeral was attended by over 40,000 fans.


All the data fit, and the engraving is as authentic as it is executed manually, in German. Perhaps the watch was a gift offered by the club, colleagues or friends on the occasion of the twin anniversary: Enke’s 29th anniversary, August 24, 2006, and the 110th anniversary of the club’s 12th April 1896 Hannover 96. In just three years, just 32 years old, Robert Enke was about to die. All the above details make the clock have an invaluable value, being a true piece of museum !

4.500 EUR

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